Week 5

Robert and I are meeting Thursday to further discuss my thesis and his involvement in the music industry. This week and last I have been sharing my thesis idea with a number of friends to get practice articulating my ideas and asking for feedback.

Patrick Torres and I were exchanging thesis ideas, and he shared with me a free web-based prototyping tool called Invision. I’ve created my account and watched a few videos on the interface, but the next step is to start playing with the software.5875_e6c0


Week 4


This week I spoke with a number of faculty about my thesis to be closer pointed in the right direction with my ideas and a mentor. First I spoke with Jim Lutz, who I had for design last year. He pointed me to psychology professor Michelle Hill, who I had for two classes and mentored with. She recognized the emotional part of my thesis an connected me with Robert Loss, a faculty member of writing and literature who has a history of critical writing on music. He is a currently doing research on the way we consume music.

Week 3

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 12.43.17 AM

Matthew Mohr and I met at the end of last week to discuss possible mockup options to create an interactive interface. Proto.io is an app mockup program he recommended I use, and from the examples and program interface, it looks like a good choice.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.06.48 AMThe program is $29 a month, which brings me to my next point: I need to create a budget. This week I hope to research other prototyping software to make sure it’s the right tool for this project and start an outline for a budget.