Week 9

My thesis is about the way music is organized and consumed, and I was interested in hearing from others in a more open-ended way that explores the psychological and lifestyle aspects of music. I’d like to document the interviews on camera for showing at my thesis exhibit. There are two parts to the filming process: an interview and a look into your personal story.

The Interview
The interview will be short, about 15 questions (listed below). These questions are more for starting the conversation and less about me or the questions themselves, I want responses to be personal and open ended. I plan on cutting interviews up between people, so not every response will make the final cut.

The Story
This part is where I will film you showing me how you’ve made music a part of your life. Some examples could include showing me your CD/vinyl collection, playing or talking about an instrument, showing t-shirts or signed merch you’ve received, posters, etc. These clips will be used for viewers to look at while you’re talking, and possibly completely separate profile videos. This part is very casual.

If this is something you could help me accomplish, I would be very grateful, I only need an hour of your time. Let me know your schedule and we’ll get something planned.

I’m looking to interview people of all age ranges, especially folks outside of CCAD, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to share my email (cwendt.1@go.ccad.edu) and this page. As long as they have a passion for music, they’re a good candidate.

Tell me a little about your history with music. What music were you listening to in middle school, for example, and how did you end up listening to what you listen to now?
How do you prefer to listen to music? Headphones? Speakers? In the car?
When do you listen to music?
Does music influence other parts of your life?
What does the word “genre” mean to you?
Who is your favorite artist?
Who were some of your favorite artists, and why are they not anymore?
Has music helped you through hard times?
What kind of music do you like?
Why are you drawn to that style of music?
Have you ever been made fun of for the music you listen to?
How did you deal with that?
Why do you think people hate on one artist or another?
Have you ever wanted to create music yourself? Why or why not?
Why do you listen to music?
How do you organize your music? Playlists? Genres?


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