Week 12

I spent at least an hour condensing down my thesis idea in 135 words. It was difficult, but extremely worthwhile, as it better helped me understand and organize my own thoughts. As Blaise Pascal once said, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” Here is my thesis description:

“Music is infinitely growing, and as a result, genres are combining and overlapping, not defined terms for categorization. The Music Genome Project is a mathematical, structured, and clearly defined formula used by Pandora’s musicologists for categorizing music (a trade secret, have you). If the Music Genome Project is Yin, my thesis is Yang. The industry needs an organic method of organization, one that blurs the lines between genres and adapts to the constantly changing music industry, by utilizing the listeners (which consequently makes it public domain). I have conducted interviews of such people, passionate about music, to test my hypotheses and understand just a glimpse of the psychology behind music to prove why this project is important. I am creating a user interface design using Spotify as a platform to showcase my idea in context.”

I also have a pretty rough idea of what my space will look like now. The TV will have an animation to intrigue interest, and the posters will define the two computers: the left will feature the UI design, and the right will feature the interviews:



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